Walker & Royce Release ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ + Announce New Album On Dirtybird


Walker & Royce Release ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ + Announce New Album On Dirtybird

Walker & Royce are perhaps the fastest rising producers coming up from the Dirtybird stratosphere of the tech-house galaxy. To say that they are rising in popularity is actually an understatement considering the massive amount of support that each Dirtybird artist has given their music ever since ‘Bright Lights’ and on until their Dirtybird debut for the Boy EP. Now here we are a solid year since the infamous “in the butt” track would be downloaded and played worldwide and we’re seeing even more connection between Walker & Royce and Dirtybird records.

‘Take Me To Your Leader’ is arguably the anthem of the Summer. I have heard it supported by every Dirtybird DJ recently and everyone I’ve talked to has been dying to get their hands on it. The track features Dances With White Girls, a vocal artist most recently known for his work with Chris Lake on ‘Operator’.

I have always noticed a peculiar amount of weird experimentalism that makes Walker & Royce uniquely funky. They almost out-weird the Dirtybird crew which is very hard to top at times. They have always been strange in their own way but ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ finally realizes their full potential as a psychedelic space-funk tech house jam. The track plays with vintage analog sounds and obscure melodies to create an alien atmosphere that is unique to their style yet consistent with this label.

This track itself proves that Walker & Royce is not just in it for the banging club jams. This one presents the forward thinking style that it possible through dance music but applicable in other contexts. The only thing better than ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ finally releasing today is the fact that this drop comes with the announcement of their debut album coming on Dirtybird as well. It has been well over a year since a full-length LP dropped on the label, that being Justin Martin’s Hello Clouds. It is pretty clear that Dirtybird is selective about their album releases and after seeing what Walker & Royce can do we have no doubt that it’ll be one of the best releases of the year.

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