Wait…So You’re Saying There Wasn’t a DJ? A Night With Cherub


Wait…So You’re Saying There Wasn’t a DJ? A Night With Cherub

Before I ever attended my first ever DJ set I was infatuated with a band called Cherub. From the moment I heard Doses and Mimosas back in 2012 I was instantly hooked to their catchy honest lyrics and up-tempo style. Fast forward two years and I am beginning to listen to artist such as Griz, Gramatik, and Big Gigantic. Much to my surprise did I find out that not only was Cherub featured on many of their tracks but they also had their own DJ set as well.


Following the release of their new album, Bleed Gold Piss Excellence I finally found myself seeing Cherub for the first time on a crisp night in November in Orange County. Opening up the night was Boo Seeka, a duo from Australia. The sound that those two dudes produced was out of this world. And although I did not know a single one of their songs, I found myself dancing along as if I did. After Boo Seeka, it was time for Frenship. This band consisted of six incredibly talented musicians who produced a vibe, which I have definitely missed while only attending DJ shows these past few months.


As Frenship continued and I began to dive deeper and deeper into their music and it was at the end of their set that I was greeted with a few familiar notes of a song I knew. Closing out with Capsize was a beautiful way to get the hungry crowd ready for Cherub.


Playing plenty off of their new album Cherub definitely had the crowd going, especially when they played Signs. However, the music was not limited to tracks of their first album, as they cranked out hits such as Monogamy, Freaky Me Freaky You, Chocolate Strawberries, XOXO, and even opened with Disco Shit. Throughout the set Cherub continued to amaze me, as I forgot that I was watching a live band perform because the sound was so cohesive that it sounded as if someone was spinning the tracks together. Sticking to just their tracks Cherub took everyone in that venue on a journey of funk that would be hard pressed to forget. To cap the night off they played the song that got me into them, Doses and Mimosas and it was well worth the wait.


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