Volt & State Team Up With Sam Void for “Hold On”


Volt & State Team Up With Sam Void for “Hold On”

No matter how many obstacles life throws in your path, there will always be that one person or song that will carry you through the heaviest of storms. The power of music is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with through the good times and the bad. Music is also a universal language and has the power to heal, forget, motivate and show you a world without hate. With its theatrical synths over a deep and rhythmic bassline, “Hold On” excellently represents Volt & States prowess of moving both their listener’s bodies and minds. Volt & State, Sam Void and Avedon have together mastered the intricate holy trinity of melody, energy and emotion in their productions, both individually and now cohesively. 

The combination of these three artists sheds light on the possibilities of collaboration. For Volt & State, the most established of the three, this recipe lead to hot year of successful releases in 2015. They mixed Protocol Recordings‘ massive ADE Compilation in 2015, released the anthem “Warriors” they produced with Nicky Romero, then released the smash hit “Sandcastles.” Sam Void‘s “Young” rose to popularity during the 2015 festival season, while Avedon‘s raw talent hints at potential huge noteworthy releases in the future.


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