Up-and-Coming Dripmob Puts Out Trap Banger


Up-and-Coming Dripmob Puts Out Trap Banger

Sup Beatsters! This posts comin’ out from the Berkeley hills, featuring local artist KAMAU (18 years old) and his coproducer, ClearEyes (19 years old), collectively known as Dripmob. Representing some of the most prestigious colleges in the country – Stanford and UC Berkeley – this team has absolutely killed their introduction to the trap genre. Not convinced? Exhibit A: their remix to Schoolboy Q’s Hands on the Wheel. From slick female vocal samples, to that 808 kicking the blood back into your veins, this track exemplifies all that is classic to the hip hop influenced genre. Note: the drop is best appreciated near the subwoofer.

I interviewed the two to learn a little more about them. High school buddies Charlie Davis (KAMAU) and Manolis Sueuga (ClearEyes) began to explore production only a short while before taking off to different universities.

“I’ve been producing for four years, [and] been doing it seriously for the past two years. We did a lot of hip hop back in high school,” Davis said.

“I’ve been messing around on garage band since 13, 14 years old, but started getting serious around a year ago. We started collab’ing at the beginning of [this] school year,” Sueuga said.

Despite their distance, Dripmob’s sound has improved at a ridiculous rate, with their first Soundcloud posts only dating 4 months ago. Their style encapsulates the listener with the ambient simplicity of minimal, while maintaining a hyphy-like sense of rhythm and bass. For my favorite of their softer tracks, check out Skyfall:

What got them into trap? “I’ve kind of been making similar stuff to that for a while, but the genre was just never there. We really started making trap just after Snowglobe once we saw flosstradamus going ham on the stage… and on the car ride back we started making hands on the wheel,” Davis said.

The duo has put out two remixes in the past week, and hopes to get an EP out as soon as they generate a little more rep, so give these kids a listen! If you’re looking for more on the banger side, check Monsta, or if you have a thing for Baauer, Wisdom Drips is the closest thing I’ve heard to his mix of Winter is All Over You.

Though Dripmob may still be in its infantile stages, so is trap music, and this scene’s rapidly evolving nature is giving host to all sorts of producers infusing their influence, few as uniquely-sounding as theirs. Keep a tab on these guys – you’re going to know about them quickly

Here’s their soundcloud.

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