Unprotected Sax: Post-Set with Klingande (Philadelphia, PA)


Unprotected Sax: Post-Set with Klingande (Philadelphia, PA)

Klingande came through Philadelphia last night to play a set at the Dolphin Tavern on his U.S. tour. The French producer played his mega-hits like Punga and Jubel, but it was a crowd-pleasing set overall, including mixes like Look Right Through (MK Vocal edit) and Rhythm of the Night (Hotel Garuda remix). We caught up with Klingande after the show to hear a bit more about what’s coming up for him.

He hails from outside of Paris and found his first inspiration from producers like Bakermat and Klangkarussel, choosing the alias Klingande so that his friends at home wouldn’t know. Now, with huge mixes featuring irresistible #UnprotectedSax, there’s no hiding. “It’s in the newspapers and everywhere,” he says.

But Klingande has bigger things in mind for the future. “I’m hoping to start using other instruments like the violin. I want to show people how we can use them just like the saxophone and still make such beautiful music.” Eventually, he hopes to branch out even further to the piano and more, creating what seems to be a fusion of acoustic and electronic music that fans have been increasingly flocking towards.

“It’s hard to make music while on tour,” he says, so with his last upcoming tour date in late January, the producer will perhaps have some time later this year to experiment with the sound.

High-profile producers are making friends often these days (think: Kygo & Thomas Jack, Chet Faker & Flume), so I asked Klingande if there was another producer he would love to meet and share sounds. “Flume,” he knew immediately. “I would love to meet Flume some day.”

Thankfully, Klingande announced just yesterday that he’ll be at the Future Music Festival in Australia where another of his idols, Avicii, is already slated to play and Flume’s home country. After playing such incredible sets for fans across the world, it’s time to return the favor… Klingande –> Flume. Let’s make this happen for him, interwebs-music-community. We’d do anything for this guy.

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