Ultra Foxx – Ultra Foxx EP


Ultra Foxx – Ultra Foxx EP

It’s been a while since I’ve found an artist who’s been able to pull off dubstep this well, aside from BARE with his recent dub banger “Pitch Black,” of course. However, this new up and coming EDM producer Ultra Foxx, AKA Tal Wallace, seems to be giving him a run for his money with his new self-titled EP. As indicated by the name of the first tune on the collection, this is a “Rebirth” for the artist’s project that began back in 2011. I’m happy to say he’s back, better than ever, and bringing that badass bass we all need in our lives.

Throughout the entire collection we hear influences ranging from orchestral and classical to jazz and funk. The first track is where the orchestral side of things really shines, as violins in conjunction with gritty bass breaks epically introduces the EP. The tune’s momentum builds the energy that is to smash apart in the tracks to come. With “New Galaxy” we get our first taste of the Ultra Foxx’s style, as he proves he can hang with the best through his doubtlessly dirty bass. A solid glitch-hop vibe is often hard to pull off, but I’d say this dude definitely does the genre justice. The following tracks, “Thunderbolt” and “Total Breakdown,” throw down even harder with face crushing energy that even the most mature bass heads will vibe with. Check out the tunes here and get ready to mosh with whoever happens to be nearby.

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