Experimental Bass Gold: TVBOO Releases ‘Skrawberries’


Experimental Bass Gold: TVBOO Releases ‘Skrawberries’

One of the newest players in the bass music game has just released a serious experimental bass banger that will turn you into an instant fan (if you’re not one already!) TVBOO, pronounced ‘Taboo’, is a producer from Jackson, Mississippi who has been quickly gaining the attention of many, with several EPs and a slew of singles, not to mention he’s been playing out at festivals such as Lost Lands and Imagine Music Festival.

Featuring a gritty bassline, crunching synths, and an earth-shaking sub, Skrawberries has all the workings of a filthy bass masterpiece. It’s hip hop undertone and vocal sample take the track to new complexities, all tied together with impeccable sound design.

We’re keeping our eye on TVBOO and we suggest you do the same.

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