Tülpa and BLANKTS drop warm single, “GNATS”


Tülpa and BLANKTS drop warm single, “GNATS”

Tülpa has long been one of my go-to artists when it comes to finding music to fill my relaxation playlists. For just about three years this guy has been pumping out captivating electronic tracks that have been the soundtrack to many of my chill sessions. The artist excels at creating refreshing piano melodies alongside sweet synths and entrancing percussion that often fuel my sluggish states.

If you’re into low-key indie-electronic tunes, you’re in luck. His latest work, a tune titled “GNATS” features cozy vocals from Canadian singer/songwriter, BLANKTS. A nostalgic feeling is created through comforting, lo-fi singing among other easy-going elements. Whimsical lyrics promise to have you coming back for more after this one ends. Stream it here and enjoy!

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