Tryezz – Timelapse (Art of the Scenic Groove)


Tryezz – Timelapse (Art of the Scenic Groove)

Another chill hand-picked groove for your Friday evening here on Daily Beat. This one comes to us from Tryezz, a producer looking to fuse the eclectic sounds of jazz, funk and electronic seamlessly together. This gem of a track, entitled Timelapse, brings out a scenic groove incorporate deep synth pads long with a funky melodic lead line. After the break of the first section comes a hi-hat swing along with a snare line that continues to push this groove throughout the track. Enjoy this one of a kind track from an up and coming producer looking to infuse jazz roots with an electronic dance music influenced society. Cheers!

At the core, I’m just a creative soul on a journey of greater understanding and expression through the arts (music, dance, and visual art). I try to use what I know and what I do to encourage people, taking viewers and listeners on a journey to new and different terrains and beyond, spreading vitality with the groove, dance, and art. I believe that there’s always something to learn…always something new to be discovered. I’m always a student. One of my main goals is to reach out to others that dance and are physically active, those that like to travel and explore, as well as other creative minded people in general. I aim to set the mood and provide the soundtrack to others on their journeys. My works are eclectic, alternative, unique, and vibey. I pull from everything for influence. I just take what I like and leave the rest, in turn, creating unique and eclectic blends of the arts and grooves.

~ Tryezz


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