Today, We Saw Martin Garrix’s “Big Balls” Drop


Today, We Saw Martin Garrix’s “Big Balls” Drop

It’s only Monday, and I think it’s safe to say that we’ve already found our troll of the week. On Monday, word got out that Martin Garrix silently dropped a new track “Big Balls On Fires”, and let us assure you, it’s buzzworthy, for all the wrong reasons.

Martin Garrix - Daily Beat

The song (if you can call that), is a whopping 57 seconds of random arpeggiated bass patterns, and synth pads that are somehow being “held together” by 128 BPM claps. If I could describe it, I would say it sounds like Ableton is both missing 80% of the samples from the project file, and is running dangerously slow on CPU.

And then the world found out… it was a hack. And a good laugh was had by all. Well, maybe not everyone.

Check out the song on iTunes before it gets taken down: Stream on iTunes

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