Thomas Jack & Hotel Garuda Brought Back Summer For A Night & It Was Awesome


Thomas Jack & Hotel Garuda Brought Back Summer For A Night & It Was Awesome

How well do Thomas Jack and Hotel Garuda compliment one another? Very, very well. When I arrived at Webster Hall for Girls & Boys, the guys of Hotel Garuda were just starting to set in the Tropical House sounds for the crowd. The duo used their time on stage wisely as they dropped unreleased tracks that I’m sure had some in the crowd “Shazaming” on their phones as they danced. “Do What You Wanna Do” and a remix to “Candy Shop” were amongst the unreleased tracks that were played by the duo. However, you won’t find these on the guys’ SoundCloud just yet, which is why seeing Hotel Garuda live is always an exclusive experience.


Soon after and in a split second, there were three silhouettes behind the DJ table and the third belonged to, Thomas Jack of course. Jack transitioned into his set without disturbing the energy already set by Garuda and went on to play his mixes of songs such as “Red Velvet Dress” by Spada and “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men, among other tracks he’d given his tropical spin to. People swayed and mingled with one another to the sounds of Jack until the lights went on and we all realized our few hours on our summer trip had met its end.

Thomas Jack without a doubt left us craving more Tropical House, a genre everyone wants to vibe with right now and by all means, take us away.

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