THINX Sponsors New Female-Focused NYC Party, EVE


THINX Sponsors New Female-Focused NYC Party, EVE

There’s a new kind of party coming to NYC- a party that highlights an empowered group of people that are mobilizing in music, in society, in the world – women. “EVE” is an all-female billed line up that will showcase and spotlight the incredible talents that we just don’t see enough of – yet. This monthly party will take place at The Bowery Electric on Thursdays debuting on August 24 with the next scheduled for September 21.

EVE has partnered up with THINX – the amazing period-proof underwear that you didn’t even know you needed and YES, they REALLY work!

Creators Damask Schantz and Ashlyn Fulton speak about their intentions of the new movement in NYC-

Damask states:

We simply want to see more women on lineups and we are going to be the force that brings that change. We want to give female artists the opportunity in New York City to be booked each month and also give DJs that are traveling to Canada, Philly, Boston or Chicago a midweek destination location in NYC.”

Ashlyn states:

It is the only women-focused DJ event in NYC. It will be an event where women feel welcomed and wanted. It will be the destination for female DJs who may not be from NY but come through for other shows. The event will also feature live art, ballet dancers, stage design and projection mapping.

EVE has also received the support of NYC Bass Collective, an independent label operated out of Brooklyn, NY.

The event on August 24 is FREE WITH RSVP

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