Grensta – Tha Girl (feat. Hannah Monica)


Grensta – Tha Girl (feat. Hannah Monica)

Bay Area tech house legend Grensta recently dropped a hot new house track entitled Tha Girl under Understated Recordings. This track was inspired by a bundle of Amoeba record come-ups and it features the classic Grensta dirty bass with a pinch of Lo-Fi. Although minimalistic, the track hits hard with the trembling hi-hats and the muffled and distorted vocals, both of which undeniably intensify the track and add a one-of-a-kind flavor. Grensta explained that he initially started out with vocals that he pulled from the records, but ended up working with Hannah Monica to bring the track into totality. Grensta “really loved and appreciated working with Hannah and [he] thinks the results speak for themselves,” and they definitely do.

Listen to Grensta’s new track here.

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