Ten Iconic Shots From Feed Me, Delta Heavy, & Tjani @ TLA | Philadelphia, PA


Ten Iconic Shots From Feed Me, Delta Heavy, & Tjani @ TLA | Philadelphia, PA

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Feed Me rolled through Philadelphia on Wednesday, August 13th and left the TLA destroyed! With opening acts like Delta Heavy and Tjani, Feed Me fans were prepared to have their minds blown. His visuals on this tour are out of this world and his set was very smooth and seamless! With just enough room to fit his “Teeth”, the TLA was completely lit up from start to finish. This is a show you don’t want to miss!


10. Nothing Will Stop Me From Seeing Feed Me

Feed MeAfter Feed Me’s year-long hiatus, every show on this tour is not to be missed. No matter what the circumstances, even a broken arm like this guy, fans came out for a year’s worth of raging.


9. From Another Perspective

Feed Me

Gorgeous perspective through a phone of Feed Me’s teeth from the sound booth.

8. The Look Of Pure Pleasure

Feed Me Tjani is one of the most emotional DJ’s when he is behind the decks. This photo perfectly captures his sheer passion for the music.


7. The Look of Hard Work

Feed Me

Delta Heavy is one of the hardest working DJ’s in the game. This shot is such a good example.

6. Teeth Powers Up

Feed MeSpot lights beam and fangs sparkle as Teeth powers up for Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey.


5. Purple Haze

Feed Me

TLA illuminated with colors pink and purple from upstairs.

4. Color Storm

Feed MeAn array of different visuals projected from 23 different teeth, all synchronized to the beat of each song.


3. Attack of the Green Monster

Feed Me

Feed Me brought out his iconic monster on his Teeth to play for a little.

2. Feed Me Minions Attack

Feed Me

Lights seeps through Feed Me’s Teeth while tiny minions illuminate the screens.

1. Shot Of The Night

Feed Me

This shot from straight on shows the full Teeth structure as well as the massive crowd, encompassing this epic night in its entirety.

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