Take Notes! Biggie – Dead Wrong (1989 Remix) [DB FIRST]


Take Notes! Biggie – Dead Wrong (1989 Remix) [DB FIRST]

In an industry where beats seemingly begin to blend together and sound the same, where bedroom artists strive to stand out from the crowd of those now claiming their stake behind the decks, and where DJ’s aim to disprove the fallacy that “anyone can DJ,” emerges a duo from Long Island, NY who have come to mix it up.

90’s babies rejoice! 1989 is here with the ultimate throwback: a group dedicated remixing, remaking, and rejuvenating all your favorite songs growing up. They draw inspiration from every genre, artist, and sound that made a wave 2 decades ago. And what better way to leave a lasting first impression than to debut a track from the, always and forever, Notorious B.I.G?

This remix of “Dead Wrong” combines house and hip hop, giving it that true 90’s feel, but with that deep bass and wobbly drop, brings you right back to today. After the break, the second drop slows down, giving it that Jauz-esque feel. Stream it and snag it for free below for the perfect addition to your 4th of July playlist.

Take notes kids; 1989 is here to stay.

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