Surprise Sets for Days at Electric Family Event’s Charity Show


Surprise Sets for Days at Electric Family Event’s Charity Show

It was the night of June 4th and I was sitting in my Trig class unable to pay attention because of the epic night ahead of me. As soon as class let out I drove home and got ready to head out to Sound Night Club in Hollywood, California for Electric Family Events charity show entitled “FRIENDS” to benefit rural farmers in California get drought relief. One of the things I love the most about EDM culture is how aware we are of current events, and how we selflessly give to others; putting the collective human experience above our individual ones. Electric Family Events takes that a step further and uses the music we all love to promote social change and assistance to those in need through the power of music, dance, and love.

Because of my late night Trig class I wasn’t able to get to Sound until a little later in the night, and unfortunately I missed some mind blowing sets by Templeton, and London Bridge, who brought in special guests Fawks, Boots and Pants,and Goshfather and Jinco. Luckily for me the night of insane special guests was just getting started!



When I got inside the club Modus and Eric Sharp were throwing down an insanely groovy house set, that was damn near impossible to not vibe to. By the time they were done, the crowd was begging for more, and that’s when the dancing philanthropists were treated with the biggest surprise of the night as SNBRN, Dr. Fresch, Jauz, and Ghastly appeared in front of the decks from their spot backstage. The four of them working together on stage was a sight to behold as the collaboratively mixed their own unique styles of house together that can only be described as four on the floor euphoria. Following up that amazing surprise performance was Bones b2b Shae B, and then Burnheart closed the night out strong.


Although the music really stood out at this event my favorite part was seeing so many people whom I have meet over the past two years at festivals and shows. It was a real testament to what Electric Family Events is trying to do by uniting the EDM community for a cause greater than themselves. The power of music is strong, but the power of love and giving back is even stronger.

Keep an eye out for Electronic Family Events next charity event on their Facebook.

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