Style Spotlight: Tiga’s Raver Youth, the Return of UFO Pants, & a Dillon Bodysuit


Style Spotlight: Tiga’s Raver Youth, the Return of UFO Pants, & a Dillon Bodysuit

March 21 – April 4, 2015. Nostalgia has been kicking in like crazy in both the music and style worlds: chokers are back, UFO pants will soon make a high-fashion statement, and ’90s techno is back in our cassette players. Well, maybe not exactly cassettes, but you get the idea.

Tiga was a raver youth


Ok- so first of all, this is why I don’t make fun of EDM kids. This is me in 93. I got the hand tagged Gemini mixer. The Fresh Jive long sleeve. The doc martens. Hand made rave necklace. BUT—- just when u thinkin I’m some punk—- BOOM… Is that the DSR Miami Murk 12 on warp in the front of my milkcrate. Yeah that’s right I actually took milk crates to my gigs. #tbt#startedatthebottomnowimhere – @tiga69

 Tiga seems to be in a nostalgic mood as of late. About a month ago, the Canadian DJ posted this fifteen-year-old electro throwback about a month ago on his Soundcloud. I enjoy seeing early photos of DJ’s and producers; they open our eyes to an artist’s upbringing and influences. Needless to say, Tiga was badass back in the day with those Docs, which are still alive and kicking here.

#BEEN TRILL# x Martine Rose are bringing back the oversized pants


@nataliewestling in @martine_rose#BEENTRILL# sweat pants for @id_magazine Styled by: @alastairmckimmstylist – @beentrill

Speaking of the old rave days, #BEEN TRILL# is bringing it back too, this time in a collaboration with designer Martine Rose. The sweatpants pictured above are a Fall 2015 item, so they aren’t on boutique racks yet. In an interview with Dazed Magazine, Martine Rose explains that the sweatpants are reminiscent of her fashion-conscious, rave-tinged youth. I’m sure I won’t be the only one keeping my eyes (and wallet) peeled for these. In the meantime, check out their current collection.

GTA is bae


the feeling when you crushed your set at Ultra. Thank you guys for enduring the weather to hang with us and all the people that tuned in from all over the world. 305 till we die #DEATHTOGENRES [photo credit:] @elementzworld – @wearegta

GTA made booties bounce at Ultra. Trap is here to stay, and in a party haven like Miami, the genre is right at home. It’s unclear where this tee is from, but I’m sure the “Pizza is My Bae” tee found here will suffice.

Grimes goes over-the-top in Nike


Foto by @macboucher my bro is so amazing at cinematography he shot realiti also – @actuallygrimes

With her haunting voice, perfect synth-flecked indie tunes, and these killer Nike kicks, is there anything that Grimes doesn’t have? And she even has a carpet on her roof! She recently announced she’ll be supporting Lana Del Rey on her North American tour. I’m already gearing up.

This Dillon Fan is a Walking Music Video


Shout out @trouble_xx for making the “I can’t take it” lyric video a real life outfit…you da real MvP tonight – @dillonfrancis

I craved donuts, chicken, and puppy hugs as I watched the lyric video for “I Can’t Take It” by Dillon Francis. @trouble_xx, a true Dilly fan, craved the entire video enough to make a bodysuit out of it! I’m adoring her creativity. This outfit is gold.