[Stream] Rooftops Horizon Vol. 3 Compilation


[Stream] Rooftops Horizon Vol. 3 Compilation

Paris based record label, Rooftops Horizon release a third volume compilation containing five future bass tracks by new up & coming talent. With mixture of various musical genres, the tracks within this compilation really stand out. Smooth jazzy organ type sounds and orchestral strings are omnipresent throughout these records, for some, being their main driving force.

The first track on the compilation is Soeasy – ‘Care’. ‘Care’ is very unlike the other tracks on the record with a more aggressive introduction led by a chaotic arpeggiated lead sound. The beat is rather familiar to the future bass and hip-hop genres. The second tune on the list is ‘Thorns’ by Chahine & Uth Fruit. ‘Thorns’ in my opinion, is a more appropriate introduction to the type of records that are on this compilation. This song is laced with orchestral instruments and vocal chops that transition into the futuristic chorus section perfectly.

The next song on the compilation is ‘Glory’ by Dakat & ax.l. This song is a combination of the previous two tracks in many ways. The two most ostensible ways in which this may be true, would be through the combination of aggressiveness akin to that of ‘Care’ with the jazzy orchestral instruments in ‘Thorns’. There are also chaotic horns that add that much more energy to the song and a unique signature. The fourth song is called, ‘Be Alright’ by Audiobot (ft. Lauren Cole). Another classy EDM-jazz infused track. This is the most ambient track on the compilation embodying similarities with ‘Omen’ by Disclosure.

The final record on the Rooftops Horizon compilation is ‘Slow Jam’ by Mo Vibez. This record is all about evolution from its pace to the sounds used within it. ‘Slow Jam’ starts off lax however escapes into a more aggressive direction during the chorus.


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