[Stream] EDC Orlando 2014 – Ookay B2B Kennedy Jones


[Stream] EDC Orlando 2014 – Ookay B2B Kennedy Jones

This past weekend Buygore artists Ookay and Kennedy Jones brought the house down at Insomniac’s EDC Orlando during their wild B2B set. Last year we were lucky enough to catch these guys tear the house down at Escape From Wonderland and after hearing their set at this year’s EDC Orlando its easy to say that their performance has gotten way more intense. The combination of dropping festival worthy crowd pleasures with twisted trapped out edits have us wondering what’s next for these guys. They’re obviously a big favorite for Insomniac Events and we’re hoping that 2015 will open up some new doors for the boys as well as their extremely talented team of artists on Buygore.

Checkout Ookay alongside BorgoreJauz, and Dotcom in The Buygore Show coming to a city near you.

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