[Stream] David Heartbreak – Skyline EP


[Stream] David Heartbreak – Skyline EP

Dance music innovator David Heartbreak is back with a dreamy new EP entitled ‘Skyline’ on Uprise Music. If there’s one word to describe David’s career it’s unpredictable. This guy has been putting out music for years and we never quite know what his next move will be. Seeing that this EP was put out with Uprise, I assumed we would be getting some dirty house, but rather we are treated to some delicate half-time beats that are just as, if not more satisfying than anything we could have hoped for.

Both Skyline and Jux are texturally appealing with lush layering and driving melodic elements. Skyline puts the listener in a trance with an ascending piano melody and soft hip-hop flavored beat; a perfect downtempo jam. Jux on the other hand, featuring Cy Kosis, retains the atmospheric elements of Skyline yet moves towards a heavier feel with its dubstep drop. Again we are getting great synth harmonies that bridge both drops with a fantasy-like theme.

Overall David Heartbreak is bringing some new feel to this EP and we’re stoked to see where it takes him.

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