STARFARI Release Debut EP “Clear The Clouds”


STARFARI Release Debut EP “Clear The Clouds”

STARFARI released their first EP today, Clear The Clouds. This five track snack is a tasty treat that really leaves the listener wanting more.

STARFARI is comprised of two really talented men, Alex Scarlett and Ali Jafari. Clear The Clouds starts off with a super spacey prelude, a short chill jam that leads into, “Island Hopping.” “Island Hopping” is a feel good track filled with euphoria and layered with synths and sweet guitar lines. The title track featuring Andrés Owens is next on the EP, and it is lovely. Clear The Clouds is ambient, delicate, and beautifully crafted.

“Get Lost,” follows strongly after with a sensual female vocalist paired with a down tempo track and a sultry horn line. The final track, “Affinity,” is simply relaxing with its calm vibes.

Though short and sweet it easy to get lost in this EP as you journey through space to the beat. Overall it is impressive as a debut EP and well worth a listen. Be on the lookout for these two gentlemen, I don’t think this will be the last we hear from them.

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