STAL Releases Shuhandz Remix of “The Crime”


STAL Releases Shuhandz Remix of “The Crime”

With their new material, Paris bred collective STAL continue their inward and external journey of self-discovery through new sonic landscapes and collaborations, this time in the form of a remix of their single “The Crime” by Shuhandz.

“The Crime” is a seductive R&B tinged track that mixes electronic beats with post rock/ethereal guitars. It is the sound of where STAL is headed. Thematically the song observes our modern world as we adopt more isolationist and selfish behavior. Hiding behind facades (online and in real life), taint the purity of love and intimacy, making our relationship the first victims of this behavior. This self-obsessed focus on our careers and personal development is “The Crime.” STAL found the perfect collaborator to reinterpret “The Crime” in Shuhandz whose artistic intention is to create a space for listeners where they are able to freely explore themselves. He creates with the intention of taking the listener on a journey to unexplored territories of the heart and mind. This focus on introspection proved to be symbiotic.

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