Soultruistic Is Changing The Way We Look At Festivals


Soultruistic Is Changing The Way We Look At Festivals

Now that it’s officially June, I’m pretty sure that anything on the mind of most EDM fans is the annual Mecca trip that Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival. However, with tickets costing an arm and a leg, not to mention travel expenses, and the over population of Bros; my excitement for EDC began to dwindle as the months passed by, and with festivals like Desert Hearts, and Lightning in a Bottle that excitement fell even faster as I saw what a festival could bring in terms of vibes over production.


On the last day of LiB my car ran out of gas on the way out of the venue, and I could go into how much that sucked and how long I waited for The Do Lab crew to help me out, but instead I’m going to focus on the amazing thing that happened to me as I waited for fuel. After waiting a couple of hours for gas my path crossed with an awesome dude by the name of Edward Renn, who upon seeing my Desert Hearts necklace immediately started to vibe with me. He was volunteering for LiB and helped me get the gas I desperately needed to get home. But before we parted ways he told me about this awesome festival he and his friends were throwing and personally invited me out to share in the good vibes, and now I want to share it with you.

The name of this awesome festival is Soultruistic and it is much more than just a music festival. Soultruistic is combining many different forms of art to bring not only the vibe of togetherness, but to also to open festival goers eyes to “social progress, mental health and personal growth that one can only experience by being a part of a calibrated and open-minded community”. In order to fit this theme the festival coordinators are donating, an unheard of 50% of their profits towards the organization A Home Within; an organization that provides free psychotherapy to foster youth nationwide.


And although this is a festival whose main goal is to promote social change, there will be plenty of partying with include insane musical acts like KaminandaBachelors Of Science, Christian Martin, Worthy, Dela Moontribe, Jobot Music, Terrakroma, Another Monkey, Matt Xavier DJ, Jamie Schwabl, and many more electronic and non electronic artists.

maybeSoultruistic goes down on June 26th– June 28th at Lake Isabella, California and with a price of $60 it is an absolute steal, and the perfect alternative to or decompression from EDC. You won’t be able to find any fliers for this event as Soultruistic is a Paperless festival so the full lineup and information can be found on their facebook. You can also grab your tickets online here.

I can’t wait to share the love, laughs, and good vibes with all of you at Soultruistic!!!

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