Snugs – Radio Silence ft. HAILZ [Proximity]


Snugs – Radio Silence ft. HAILZ [Proximity]

What sounds like a modest bedroom producer is actually the new debut single from electronic-pop outfit Snugs.

‘Radio Silence’ featuring HAILZ is as dreamy as it is a banger with a gentle soulful melodic touch. The vocals are enlightening and add a unique contrast to the slapping drums and dense synth layers. We like the way that it drops with heavy chords, a distorted lead, and tons of additional layers. The amount of fine detail in the production and composition is impressive, we’re definitely seeing a new creative side to the otherwise stagnant efforts of most “future bass” labeled producers.

This track feels like a pillow symphony, it plays with harmony and melody but also fits in the realm of heavy EDM with its crisp banging production. With such a monumental debut we can only imagine what else Snugs has in store for 2018.

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