Sirkea Releases ‘Desire’ EP on Audiophile Records


Sirkea Releases ‘Desire’ EP on Audiophile Records

Quickly becoming one of Audiophile Music Group’s top prospects across multiple of their label chain’s, Sirkea’s ability to weave from quality house music via Audiophile Records all the way to more bass dominate sound of Audiophile XXL is stunning – he’s got an impressive bag of tricks. With one of his first records being released on Mark Knight’s esteemed Toolroom, Orange County, California based Sirkea has accomplished a phenomenal amount in the early stages of his career.

Back with Audiophile Records for a follow up in the form of his ‘Desire’ EP, the title track featuring Taylor William is a vocal number with a highly euphoric and pleasing presence. Well executed piano chords that move flawlessly with the vocals showcase Sirkea’s songwriting capabilities as creates a unique sense of emotion.

‘Menage A Trois’ on the b-side breaks out a more jazzy and funky record that plays on the more chill side of the house music spectrum. Perfectly sending listeners from the Northern hemispheres summer end to the beginning of the South’s season, this record screams beachside play with its laid back musical approach.

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