Sean Turk Finds the Conflict in Stephen’s Crossfire


Sean Turk Finds the Conflict in Stephen’s Crossfire

New York producer and multi-instrumentalist Sean Turk has released his latest project, remixing Los Angeles singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Stephen’s hit single Crossfire, from his 2015 debut album Sincerely.

Turk embraced the conflict in the track, adding marching sounds to its introduction and a combination of thumping bass and crashes to the rhythm of its build. Emphasizing the original track’s wailing background vocals with a glitch-style warp, Turk allows the dark background of Stephen’s vocals to hang in the air in a more harrowing manner throughout the song. A rapid acceleration into the drop, ridden with scratching dirty synth provides a bracing climax. The song’s true moment comes by way of soulful female vocals at its close. The power in each note epitomizes the haunting, combative tone Turk hoped to convey so completely, that it changes the listening experience the second time.

With multiple official remixes ready for release, expect more from Sean Turk in coming months. If his ability to squeeze the soul out of Stephen’s beautifully melancholy vocals is any measure, he will continue to find ways to put his spin on the scene. Having already started work on his second album, the wait for Stephen’s next release should also come to an end soon enough.

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Written By: Aaron Nelson


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