Sawyer – Easy Now


Sawyer – Easy Now

Indie pop is one genre I’ll always have a soft spot for. Although the majority of my time is typically spent with chilled out electronic synths flowing into my ears, occasionally, on certain sunny Spring days like today, I find myself in the mood to kick back to some lovely organic soundscapes. One group that has done a lovely job of fulfilling my acoustical cravings is Nashville’s up-and coming Sawyer, made up of Emma Harvey and Kel Taylor.

My mood lit up when I discovered their whimsical single “Ten Feet Tall” around 5 months ago. Since then I dove headfirst into their discography. It’s been a pleasure to see their sound grow and mature over time leading up to the release of their most recent piece “Easy Now.” Enlightening harmonies and captivating instrumentals make this a tune you won’t want to miss.

Sawyer on Facebook, Instagram, and their website.

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