Sang Froyd Showcases His Unique Take On House And Techno With His Spike & Rail EP


Sang Froyd Showcases His Unique Take On House And Techno With His Spike & Rail EP

Sang Froyd is an upcoming producer from the Southern California suburb of Fullerton. All of his releases to date show that he has a finely tuned ear for taking techno and house to interesting places that haven’t yet been explored, showing off his creativity. His newest EP, entitled Spike & Rail, has just been put out by the Los Angeles based record label Cool Contest, who have recently been gaining momentum due to their unique releases on Bandcamp and a podcast mix series on Soundcloud showcasing some of the best underground artists in the house and techno scene.

The first track on the EP I Think I’m Gonna Try It establishes a nice house groove from the start with an infectious bass line. As the track develops, elements of that bass line remain as vocal chops and atmospheric sounds incorporate themselves into the mix creating a unique vibe. Eventually some trippy acid synths build on top of it making a really interesting track that rewards listeners for sticking through its entirety in a variety of compelling ways.

The second track on the EP is entitled Spike & Rail and starts out with a filtered out kick and hi hat pattern before he takes the filter off the kick and immediately lets you know we’re getting into some heavy techno territory. When the track climaxes you get ambushed by a reverb drenched array of wobbly analog sounds and hard brass sounding synths. The break in the middle of the track introduces a somewhat eerie brooding loop that almost sounds like it could be a heavily effected vocal sample. Percussion, white noise, and more rising synths build up tension until the second drop where the loop from the breakdown is brought back into the mix intertwined with all the chaos that was going on in the first drop. This track is sure to be a highlight in any techno set whether it be in a warehouse, after hours underground, or even in a festival set.

I highly recommend you check out this EP if you’re looking for something refreshing in house or techno because it has both. I know I’ll surely be playing these out in the upcoming months!

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