Sang Froyd & Morelia Release Collab EP on Integrated Circuit Records


Sang Froyd & Morelia Release Collab EP on Integrated Circuit Records

Two big tracks coming to you from two young artists ready to make their names known. Sang Froyd and Morelia are here and coming at you with a bang! With both bringing their own unique styles and progressive sounds, their tracks will surely bring you to your feet and start moving. Both songs, “Helsinki” by Sang Froyd and “Got2Be” by Morelia have been released on Froyd’s own imprint Integrated Circuit Records, which only formed in December of 2017, but has already begun making a name for itself. Bringing both these artists together, the EP just shows a glimpse of what to expect in the future from not only the artists but Integrated Circuit Records as well.

Both artists have performed together in the past and Morelia performed at Beyond Wonderland this year. It seems like we should get used to seeing them at festivals in the near future. Sang Froyd’s “Helsinki” is one we all can groove to. His ability to keep the listener in the song with a nice really clean mixing, that also seems so hectic. While dancing you are hit with whirling sounds that really show Froyd’s style. Can’t wait for more tracks from him in the future. The second track on the EP comes to you from Morelia. His track “Got2Be” complements Froyd’s “Helsinki” wonderfully, all while demonstrating his own uniqueness. Morelia’s track is slightly a faster-paced track, that really has you feeling some type of way. The track begins with an ominous yet kind of funky vibe. The track contains a new age sound that almost feels timeless. Morelia shows his versatility in this track and why his music refreshing in this age of electronic music.

– Written by Kareem Zeenni

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