Ruchir – So I’m Gone Ft. NGO & Croosh


Ruchir – So I’m Gone Ft. NGO & Croosh

If you’re a fan of electronic, R&B, and hip-hop, then this is a must listen for you. Coming off his widely acclaimed release “Sleepless”, Ruchir brilliantly finesses all three genres with ease in his track “So I’m Gone” with NGO & Croosh. The up-and-coming producer from Dubai’s most recent collaboration can only be described as multi dimensional, as it is impossible to fit the track into one singular genre. From the melodic vocals to the “future house”-esque drops, the track seamlessly blends all components into a superbly unique track. As was the case with “Sleepless”, I’m sure you’ll be hearing more of this track and the producer in the coming months.

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