RL Grime’s ‘Halloween VI’ does NOT disappoint


RL Grime’s ‘Halloween VI’ does NOT disappoint

We ALL wait patiently EVERY year for RL Grime’s legendary Halloween mix to appear in our Soundcloud feeds, and like clock-work, it dropped and already has 235k+ plays all in less than one day. As if RL Grime introducing his own mix wasn’t compelling enough, he had pro-skater Tony Hawk take over the launch along with RL Stine and Jake Foushee.

‘Halloween VI‘ starts off with a sinister vocal bit from the movie ‘IT’ to keep us all on the edge of our seats, then per usual drops into a hybrid of trap, bass and rap. Although he has not revealed a full track-list, your ears will catch some recognizable favorites, IDs and even noise from his upcoming album.

Check it out via SC and download it HERE.

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