RIP UMF Miami? City Officials Call For End To Ultra Music Fest.


RIP UMF Miami? City Officials Call For End To Ultra Music Fest.

MIAMI – Recent reports have stated that Miami City Officials are trying to put a stop to Ultra Music Festival after an incident that occurred on Friday left a security guard in critical condition. Ultra Music Festival organizers were informed that the perimeter required more reinforcement after groups of ticketless rave-goers attempted to both hop and break down the fences that surrounded the perimeter of the festival grounds. Miami City Officials also revealed that they had made 33 arrests on the second day of the Miami festival, as opposed to 22 arrests on the first day.


“She was not strong enough to deal with a mob of people that actually pushed this fence down, pushing her backwards and the fence landing on top of her. Now these people started trampling on top of her just to get into the event, as a result she sustained major head trauma as well as a broken leg,” said Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Ignatius Carroll.

Another major concern surrounding the safety and security of the festival comes from the amount of rescues and emergency situations during the first two days of the festival. Many of the rescues included minor injuries from dancing, but the majority came from aiding unconscious festival goers. A huge concern came from the amount of unconscious ravers who had overdosed due to the consumption of illegal substances.

For now Ultra will continue to be one of the most massive and dominating music festivals in the entire world. But the staff of these festivals must make it a point to protect their staff and their audience.

On Sunday, Ultra’s organizers issued the following statement.

The event organizers of Ultra Music Festival share the sentiments of our security partner, CSC, with regard to the condition of Erica Mack, the security guard currently receiving treatment at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The Ultra Family hopes for a swift and full recovery.

The event organizers prohibit any form of unlawful entry in to the event grounds. Preliminary investigations show that the incident was caused by individuals not in possession of event tickets and who were determined to gain unauthorized entry.

Every year the event organizers work collaboratively with police and other municipal partners along with the organizers’ independent security partners to ensure the safety of all patrons, crew and working personnel. Because a thorough investigation is underway, event organizers regret that additional comment cannot be provided at this time. The event coordinators are cooperating fully with investigative authorities.

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