Rezz ~ She came, She played, She took my breath away


Rezz ~ She came, She played, She took my breath away

Alright, now I normally don’t do this, but I find myself in a situation where I have a moral obligation to say something, simply due to how enjoyable this show was. Yes. This is an ICYMI show review. This is one where you need to understand what exactly you missed.

A handful of nights ago, Rezz came to NYC and graced the stage of the PlayStation Theater in Manhattan with her presence. I’m sure a lot of you are at least minimally familiar with Rezz and her unmistakable sound. She’s currently on a world tour for her debut album ‘Mass Manipulation’ and it’s nothing short of amazing. On that fateful night in Times Square, with no frills and no showy B.S., Rezz armed herself with a thumb drive full of her own music and a minimalistic stage setup.


Starting off the night with her track ‘Relax’, she captivated the crowd to take them on one hell of a journey for the next 90min. One thing I’d like to make a specific note of is that the majority of her set was her own music. For those of us who have seen her multiple times in the past, we noticed some things about her sets. One of those things we noticed was that a good chunk of the music played was not her own. Now I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be wrong to make the guess that Mr. Zimmerman and his influence had something to do with this difference I noticed at the PlayStation Theater. Now don’t be mistaken, this is a welcomed difference. If I pay money to attend a Rezz, I want to hear Rezz music. She orchestrated a wonderful journey thru sound that night. I truly and thoroughly enjoyed this show. And this is an accolade I do not give out lightly.

To wrap it up for my dear and faithful readers, I’d like to make a few simple points. Point 1: Don’t sleep on Rezz. This girl has a distinct sound and arguably one of the best possible mentors out there. Point 2: Go see her live. Just trust me on this one if you don’t already know.

Check her remaining tour dates here.


Photos by Ashlyn Fulton Photography 

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