Review: Saint Mars “Loveghost”


Review: Saint Mars “Loveghost”

“Loveghost” is the latest single from the international troupe of newcomers (members stem from The UK, Switzerland and the USA), Saint Mars. Their latest single “Loveghost” effortlessly ebbs and flows between Saint Mars singer Tryzdin and Jethro “Alonestar” Sheehan’s diametrically opposing vocal cadences. Sheehan’s staccato-like rap element sections contrast with Tryzdin’s longer held notes for dramatic effect. The delivery is however a bit uneven, with Alonestar’s delivery not as strong as on his previous solo releases. Tryzdin’s vocal melodies and delivery are bang on, a feat even more impressive due to the young age of the performer. Hard to believe he is only fourteen years old.


Musically this track is perfect for driving. A steady bass line holds down the groove while the drums effortlessly keep the track moving forward and syncopated hi-hat accents keep everything from getting stale. A funky guitar line grabs your attention, weaving in and out to give the vocals air to breathe. Spectral sounding synths cut through on the choruses for an extra touch of otherworldly flare.

It’s a magical mystery tour, and one that won’t leave you missing out.

Check out the “Loveghost” music video below:

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