Review: Robbie Z “Hot Wheelz”


Review: Robbie Z “Hot Wheelz”

If Robbie Z’s first single “Copy Paste” was the ambitious start, “Hot Wheelz” is the car crash in slow motion that you can’t turn away from.

There’s so much wrong here that I don’t know where to start. I guess the main crux of this review will focus on the absolute ridiculously repetitive nature of the track. And I do mean the whole track, not just one or two elements here and there.

The beat is repeated ad nauseum.

The bass is repeated ad nauseum.

The lead is repeated ad nauseum.

The vocal flow for the most part is also repeated ad nauseum.

And the worst part of all? The track feels never-ending with an unjustified run time of just under 4 minutes. On top of this the vocal delivery itself is quite lack luster. Robbie Z is young so there is plenty of time for him to get to a professional level but right now he sounds like a karaoke singer on top of his own track.

Writing this review was hard, nobody wants to crush the dreams of a 16-year-old kid, but I also want to give him some props. The guy has hustled and had multiple video releases so early in his career. If he keeps hustling I’m sure we will hear his name in future again. Let’s hope at least he gets some inspiration from this review.

“When people comment nasty things to me, it inspires me to write more music and I just basically wrote a song about escaping from the hate!”



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