Review: NERVO “Worlds Collide”


Review: NERVO “Worlds Collide”

“Worlds Collide” is the latest single from EDM’s hardest working artists, NERVO. The track, which dropped today (Friday, 28th June) on Thrive Music, is like a warm blanket of pure positivity and perfectly illustrates why NERVO’s emotional anthems continue to resonate at festivals across the world.

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The track has already generated a tone of buzz from within the industry and deservedly so. “Worlds Collide” blends infectious grooves with high production values and a feel good summer vibe. It’s no surprise it was selected as the Volleyball Nations League’s official anthem for 2019.

There is something to be said about a well executed feel good anthem – sure we have all heard a million generic forgettable floor fillers but an artist manages to really knock it out of the park it’s a thing of beauty.

A top notch vocal delivery is the cherry on top of an otherwise tasty cake. The lyrics might be rudimentary but they perfectly convey the track’s message and are instantly memorable. You can really feel the humanity in the delivery; the emotion. In the era of overly auto-tuned flat deliveries it’s things like this that can make or break a track. No emotional connection, no dice!

In summary: With tracks like this it’s no wonder these ladies are the highest female artists in the game today, and they don’t look like they are showing any signs of slowing down!

“Worlds Collide” is out now on Thrive Records.

Take a listen below:

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