[REVIEW] Knife Party @ Schimanski


[REVIEW] Knife Party @ Schimanski

Arriving at Schimanski and it being already packed almost too much to move is something I’m cant say I’m not used to. But I can’t blame the crowds for getting there early either; Modern Machines bass bangers were a perfect introduction to the night that was ahead of us.

Hanging in the back most of the time, the adult in me wanted my bubble to move and dance freely. But as Knife Party’s set time neared, I promised myself I’d be right up front, like the old times. With my nostalgia in beast mode at this point, it was a bit disappointing to only see half the duo behind the decks. Regardless, the set started off right with some newer Knife Party originals such as their new single with PegBoard Nerds, “Harpoon” followed by a heap of remixes.

By the time I discovered the door separating the two rooms was open and I was dancing in the side room, I couldn’t care less if it were just 1/2 of Knife Party, because all I wanted to do was rage out to the classics Gareth started playing toward the end of the set. “Internet Friends”, “Bonfire” and “Lrad” blasted throughout the entire venue. The mosh pits and dance circles began, head banging ensued (guilty) and the night ended with a figurative and literal BANG.

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