Review: JOY “In The Light We Fall”


Review: JOY “In The Light We Fall”

Nostalgic of early 1990s IDM with a modern edge, LA-based producer JOY‘s new single “In The Light We Fall” pushes the envelope with its cinematic soundscape and its futuristic vibe. The third single off of JOY’s forthcoming and highly anticipated debut album Soft Whisper set for release in early 2020, tribal drums, haunting synths, sci-fi inspired beats, and angelic choral female vocals work together to convey a dynamic narrative about personal awareness and how we can be a powerful catalyst for positive and impactful change.


JOY samples vocals from David Lynch’s “The Elephant Man,” only increasing the otherworldly vibe of the track. Paying homage to great innovators of the genre such as Autechre, The Orb, and Aphex Twin, “In The Light We Fall” resonates deeply with intense emotion. Throughout it’s five and a half minute duration, JOY takes us on a profound and spiritual journey giving us a glimpse into his soul.

All proceeds for the sale of “In The Light We Fall” will go directly to Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation Earth Alliance fund for saving the Amazon rainforest:

Listen to “In The Light We Fall” on Spotify, here.

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