Review: Griz throws down at the most lit after party


Review: Griz throws down at the most lit after party

It’s 12:30 AM; Alex English, Hiyawatha, and Jergo start off the Griz after party. People start to flow in from the terminal 5 show and by 1 AM, Slake is a mad house of the most epic proportions. Joining the b2b is Bassment Saturdays resident DJ Laetus has the energy keeps building up in preparation for the man of the hour to show up. What started with bass/G-House ended in a barrage of heavy dubstep to get the crowd hyped.

Video by Jergo

2:30 AM rolls around; Griz and friends are present on stage with some of the best vibes around. Most likely still high off the energy of the past two nights at Terminal 5. For the first hour, the crowd is in for a treat of classics, and I’m not just talking about Griz classics. I’m talking about classics like “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy. It feels like a gathering of your closest homies at the best house party ever. The next hour and a half had Griz throwing down a series of his own tracks as well as heavy dubstep. It was a set that showed that Griz keeps the funk while breaking your neck with filth.

Shout out to Slake, team Griz, and the residents for making it one hell of an after party.

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