Review: Drishti Beats “Oasis”


Review: Drishti Beats “Oasis”

With performances at highly coveted festivals such as EDC and Mysteryland, in recent years Drishti Beats has gained visibility for their dynamic yoga classes that they pair with compelling live musical performances. Their new free-flowing single “Oasis” combines a myriad of flavors including chilltronica, downtempo, ambient, jazz, and world music. The result is a serene, melodic, laidback, and groovy vibe. Gina Sobel’s flute interludes are a bonus, adding a layer of sonic reverie.


Lori Lowell, co-founder of Drishti Beats had this to say about their release, “Drishti Beats has been a blissful project and experience. Although downtempo electronic chill is our genre our goal for our music is to take our listeners on a beautiful journey with upbeat, feel good, and spiritual lyrics and vibe. Oasis is a “drive down the road” or “flow with Joy” track that is just some nice candy for the ears. Everything we do as a group and everything we produce brings us happiness. We are about a “feeling”!”

Listen to Oasis on Spotify here.

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