Review: Bósa “Diamond Roads”


Review: Bósa “Diamond Roads”

Los Angeles based house music duo Bósa recently joined forces with producer Kings and vocalist Neaks for their latest single “Diamond Roads.”

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Dynamically mixing elements of house, breaks, and hip-hop with masterful live percussion, “Diamond Roads” could best be described as a modern delicacy. A cerebral smelter of guttural sub tones and lofty synth pads featuring a prodigious trumpet solo by Ben Hovey, this standout and genre-breaking gem delivers an exceptional collaborative work.

Sultry and otherworldly, “Diamond Roads” combines the best aspects of electronic dance music with touches of Latin and urban flavor.

With many more releases planned for this fall along with a noteworthy performance at the upcoming renowned Santa Cruz Music Festival, Bósa will continue to leave a strong imprint on the dance music community with their unique and cutting-edge, next-level sound.

Listen to “Diamond Roads” on Spotify here.

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