RL Grime Teases New Album with NOVA Tour


RL Grime Teases New Album with NOVA Tour

Years ago, those with an ear in the underground became quickly familiar with a man notorious for his remixes and bootlegs. That man is RL Grime. To date, RL has graced us with dozens of remixes, VIP’s, bootlegs, singles, EPs, and a beautifully orchestrated full length studio album. That album, titled VOID, came with a full scale, multi national tour. After the VOID Tour & album drop, we received only a small handful of new tracks to hold us over. We couldn’t help but ponder the possibilities and wonder what he had in the works for the future. The wait, my dear readers, is over.

Back in the spring, RL teased about a new idea, a new tour, and of course, a new album. NOVA, as he calls it, is his new project to be bestowed upon us. He’s lined up yet another absolutely massive tour spanning at least 3 different countries. Of course the majority of the tour stops are here stateside. For those of us here in the big apple, he’s got 2 shows lined up. RL is bringing the NOVA Tour to Terminal 5 on back-to-back nights- Saturday Nov. 4th, and Sunday Nov. 5th. Tickets are still available! Click the desired date for tickets.

Considering Mr. Grime’s track record, I would strongly recommend against missing this tour. I can just about guarantee this will be a night not soon forgotten. And c’mon now, whats your excuse? You have two dates to choose from. If, however, you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you’re unable to see him live, check out his back catalogue on his SoundCloud as we all wait patiently for the release of Nova.

PHOTO CREDIT: yimmy yayo

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