Paul van Dyk @ Bassmnt, SD on Thurs., 2/19


Paul van Dyk @ Bassmnt, SD on Thurs., 2/19

Grammy Award-winning deejay, musician, and producer Paul van Dyk (PvD) — not to be confused with Physical Vapor Deposition — will be stopping by Bassmnt, SD on Thursday the 19th on his select tour of the United States. Why shouldn’t you miss this event? Well, strap in your seat, start scrolling down, and let me tell you why.

This tour is in support of his most recent singles: “Come With Me (We Are One),” featuring the talent of Ummet Ozcan; “Only In A Dream,” featuring the talent of Jessus & Ahdam Ashraf as well as the vocals of Tricia McTeague; and his latest track “Guardian,” featuring the talent of Egyptian super-duo Aly & Fila with the lovely vocals of Sue McLaren. A four-track EP titled “Guardian (The Remixes)” was released just yesterday on Ultra Music featuring remixes of the track by the talented Jordan Suckley, Pedro Del Mar & R.I.B, as well as sunrise and sunset mixes of the track.

Aside from these singles, PvD is on track to release his seventh studio album titled “The Politics of Dancing 3,” which follows the producer’s motif of promoting EDM as not only a musical movement, but also a political one that supports respect and peace. While on tour in the Middle East in 2006, PvD elaborated on the concept by describing the club scene in Beirut:

Even with all the fun that electronic music can bring, it also developed into a global youth culture, a very paeceful and huge society. Palestinians are dancing with Israelis. Lebanese people are dancing with Israelis without war, without anything in their minds other than treating each other respectfully. That’s why dance music is a political and diplomatic tool that could be used. That’s why I called it “The Politics of Dancing,” back then. Of course, after that, we had the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, and not to forget 9/11. (“Politics of PvD,” 2006)

Which looks something not too unlike this:

“PvD for President 2016!” (loljk, he’s German). Aside from human-alien diplomacy, the album will feature these singles in addition to many more hidden gems which you may have the exclusive privilege of hearing at the show prior to their release! Expect the album this coming spring on Ultra Music.

And what a spring it will be. Whether you’re a fan of ‘true trance’ or not, this will be an energetic set you won’t want to miss. For more information on the show concerning tickets, tables, and more: click here.

Not in SD? Be sure to catch PvD with Tristan D at The Exchange LA, LA on Friday the 20th!

Cannot attend either? Well you are in luck because we have an exclusive Q&A scheduled with Paul on Viber! Learn more here! 

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