Product Review: Keith McMillen QuNexus


Product Review: Keith McMillen QuNexus

The QuNexus, as Keith McMillen describes as “the next generation of portable keyboard,” really wasn’t kidding. To begin, the QuNexus is a 25-key, pressure sensitive midi controller. It’s simple. I don’t know what else to tell you besides that. But, with as simple as it is, it’s one of the best that I’ve used.

Throughout the years, I have owned probably seven different midi controllers, mainly 25-key. For their portability and amazing size, the 25-key is the go-to for almost any producer. With that being said, I’ve broken almost every one I’ve owned, but I think that’s about to change with the QuNexus.


Opening the package, the QuNexus is sleek. Simple, solid and has a hard-rubberized feel. The keys themselves are solid, and give off the same feel as any high end beat machine would. Turning on the unit, all the keys light up with a friendly white and blue, and brighten as you press a specific key. The quality in the QuNexus screams “I’m the best”.

Using the QuNexus is even more impressive. Each key can detect finger pressure, tilt, and velocity. That means even after pressing a key, you move your finger on that key and change midi parameters within your favorite VST. This also means that the keys are intelligent to the pressure that you press them and/or how fast you press them. While this is simply a 25-key controller, every key is completely programmable to work with anything “midi related.” I wasn’t kidding when I said the QuNexus is the next generation of portable keyboard.

Durability. Where to begin? Like I said earlier, I’ve broken most of my midi controllers. From dropping them, or even getting damaged when in my bag, the QuNexus proves that it will not be your next kill. Keith McMillen demonstrates this in an impressive stress test posted to YouTube where they strap the QuNexus to a Watermelon and drop it from 10 feet. If this doesn’t prove the quality of the product, I dont know what does.

Keith McMillen did a spectacular job on this controller. The QuNexus is easily a go-to choice for any 25-key needs. At a reasonable $149 price tag, I wouldn’t think twice about picking this bad boy up. It’s the best option you’ll get for your money.

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