PRMITV – Heights


PRMITV – Heights

PRMITV’s debut release via Proper Vibes comes in the form of “Heights,” released earlier this week on SoundCloud. After several years of fine-tuning his production skills and finding his sound, PRMITV’s “Heights” is his first release to really encapsulate what the NYC-based producer is going for as he pivots from his formerly EDM-focused body of work. “Heights” draws the listener in with a smooth intro, leading directly into a Nintendo-era 8-bit bridge that culminates in a rapturous and rollicking future bass-heavy chorus. Aside from being a great piece in terms of production work and musical styling, “Heights” is fantastic in that it hints at a deeper story and asks the listener to delve deeper and consider it as more than just a track that gets your body moving.

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