Preview: Dirty South – Speed of Life/Gods/Champions


Preview: Dirty South – Speed of Life/Gods/Champions

With Dirty South’s new album out in 3 days the buzz around the highly anticipated 10 track collection is at an all time high. Dragan decided to tease us with a preview of more of his sounds from the upcoming album, this time 2 tracks entitled ‘Speed Of Life’ and ‘Gods’, both have a very melodic undertone and a unique sound that Dirty South has been able to capture so masterfully. The second video is another preview for his track called ‘Champions’, though showcasing a very different sound compared to the other 2 Dragan has once again created an edgy sounding track with a killer kick drum, destined for a big room setting. If you want to catch an early preview of the whole album then make sure to tune into BPM radio where the whole album will be played!

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