Premiere: VOLO – “Evergreen”


Premiere: VOLO – “Evergreen”

In support of his forthcoming full-length debut album Live Free, today electronic producer VOLO is excited to premiere his new single “Evergreen.” Featuring field recordings taken from a hiking trip provides the track with a significant sense of depth and realness while the emotive production poignantly portrays VOLO’s feelings surrounding this particular experience. Cinematic and passionate soundscapes powerfully recreate the event. Replete with aqueous flourishes and ethereal synths, VOLO’s production seems almost reminiscent of prodigal producers such as Boards of Canada and Hybrid.

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“Evergreen” will be featured on VOLO’s upcoming debut album release Live Free, out this Friday, July 12thLive Free poignantly weaves the earthly with the otherworldly and celestial to paint a sonic tapestry that strongly embraces the joy of being alive. Already known for his eloquent productions and collaborations with artists such as CloZee, Live Free will undoubtedly help further solidify VOLO’s promising music career.

Listen to “Evergreen” below:

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