PREMIERE: Ocean Roulette Makes Psycho Disco Debut with Froze Up/Wicked


PREMIERE: Ocean Roulette Makes Psycho Disco Debut with Froze Up/Wicked

If you have been to a tech house event recently, chances are you’ve heard a track or two by our very own Ocean Roulette. Along with being a long time contributor to Daily Beat, he’s been soaring up the ranks as an upcoming tech house artist. Boasting support from house music greats such as Ardalan (among other Dirtybird players), Anna Lunoe, and Treasure Fingers, as well as being an integral part of the recent Space Yacht lineups, there is almost no chance you haven’t seen or heard the name Ocean Roulette around the scene.

We are very excited to bring you the premiere of his debut EP on Treasure Fingers’ imprint Psycho Disco entitled Froze Up/Wicked. Consisting of two dance floor destroyers, this EP is a more than worthy addition to your listening playlist, or your DJ arsenal.

Froze Up is significant for a problem most if not all bedroom producers come across: having a project open that is so insanely lit that when you try to do something vital, your computer freezes up. You’d better hope that you saved as well or else you’re doomed to start over once you get it working again. All jokes aside though, this track is a guaranteed hit and has been played by the head honcho himself in all of his recent sets.

Wicked is another groovy tune that shows off that signature Ocean Roulette sound. Zany, psychedelic, and fun are the first three words that come to mind when hearing it.

Grab your copy of Froze Up/Wicked from Beatport here, it officially drops on June 15th. Happy listening!

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