[Premiere] Knuck If You Buck (Dos Lokos x SANiTY Remix)


[Premiere] Knuck If You Buck (Dos Lokos x SANiTY Remix)

East Coast G-House is currently occupying a very unique place in the electronic scene. The subgenre is being embraced by a number of NYC-based artists, who are successfully fusing the 4×4 grooves and basslines of house with the raw, unadultered grittiness of east coast hip-hop. The resulting ambience is being embraced statewide. While many fans are familiar with the 808 and 909 workings of Destructo and Malaa, East Coast G-House occupies it’s own space. NYC underground artists such as Queens native SANiTY are bringing a new flavor to the genre Chicago birthed in the 80’s. His most recent track, which comes in the form of a collab with Dos Lokos, brings the sounds of East, West, and even the Dirty South into one track.

‘Knuck If You Buck’ was released today, and encapsulates the vibe of G-House from all corners of the map. Duo Dos Lokos has roots in both NYC and SoCal; the diversity of the listed artists reflects right onto the track. Dos Lokos roots in moombahton and latin bass translate seamlessly into SANiTY’s production style. The track is free to listen and download online. For more East Coast G-House, and less mumble rapper samples, stay tuned to SANiTY’s musings via Soundcloud.

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