Jackson Collective – Renegade House Vol. 1 Compilation


Jackson Collective – Renegade House Vol. 1 Compilation

The Jackson Collective has done it once again with their latest release, Renegade House Vol. 1. This collective of artists had listeners grooving and booty shaking to their first compilation Hello, My Name is Jackson Vol. 1 and this new installment is no different.

Renegade House Vol. 1 is a distinct installation for the Jackson Collective as it is their first all house and techno release. However, given the seamless and cohesive nature of this project, listeners would never know that this is the Collective’s first go-around at putting together an exclusively house and techno sound. This compilation features eight new tracks from some familiar up and coming artists. Included on this new comp are the likes of Morelia, Carbon StreetSang Froyd, 28mm, Yung Stanza, Sour Boys2C B, and Daily Beat’s very own Ocean Roulette. Listeners will find themselves bouncing to some chill, funky house beats or pumping their fists to some deep, dark techno. Whichever of these two genres you prefer, Renegade House Vol. 1 will satisfy your listening needs and have you anticipating the next move Jackson Collective has up their sleeve.

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